Posted on 06/Oct/2015
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One of the key points of the Google antitrust case in Europe is that there are also US companies among the complainants, which contradicts the argument that the EU is adopting a protectionist approach against US innovation, argues MEP Ramon Tremosa.


Have you had any second thoughts about the “Google break-up” motion?


Are we sure Europe is not waging a “protectionist” war against US tech giants as many critics argue?


Ms Vestager has taken an hard line on the Google case. After the first SO sent in April, what do you expect she will do in the following months?


Some critics insist that it remains difficult to determine an anti-competitive behavior in the online search business. What is your view about that?


US tech giants, including Google, are investing more and more millions to influence the European policy. What is your opinion about that?


Ramon Tremosa i Balcells is a Democratic Convergence of Catalonia politician - The Liberal Party in the current government of Cataluña. He follows the Economic and International Trade committee in the EP as well as the USA and Israel Dele. He has a special interest in economics, transport, logistics, trade and competition cases, in particular in the digital market field and the Google antitrust case.


photo credit: brett jordan
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