Posted on 13/Nov/2015
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Fintech startups and traditional banks are increasingly realizing that they need to collaborate to capture new opportunities, argues Mariano Belinky, Managing Partner at Santander InnoVentures. Traditional banks can learn from startups new ways of serving costumers while startups can leverage banks’ consumers to bring them their products.

The Digital Post: How InnoVentures is supporting the growing wave of fintech firms? What are the main aims of the fund?


TDP: Can fintech startups be an opportunity, instead of a threat, for traditional bannks?

TDP: How the rise of fintech firms are affecting and can reshape the financial sector, and in particular the baking industry?


TDP: Santander is among the banks investigating into the technology underpinning bitcoin. What is the potential for the traditional banking sector?


TDP: Is funding still a major barrier for the European startup ecosystem?



Mariano Belinky: Since December 2014 he manages Santander InnoVentures, Santander Group's global venture capital fund, focused in early stage Financial Technology investments. He joined Santander InnoVentures from McKinsey & Co., where he was an Associate Principal in the Corporate and Investment Banking and Global Risk Management practices, based in New York. Here, he spent six years advising global banks, asset managers and private equity firms acrossNorth America, Europe and Latin America on multiple strategic topics.


photo credit: Chewy734
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