Posted on 10/Nov/2015
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In an exclusive interview released on the sidelines of the Web Summit in Dublin, the European Ombudsman talks with The Digital Post about the relationship between EU citizens and institutions in the time of social media, the impact of tech lobbying and much more.


Do you think digital technologies are improving the accountability of the EU institutions and their democratic dimension?


How the EU Ombudsman stand up for new forms of participative democracy based on digital technologies?


U.S. tech companies are the biggest spenders on corporate lobbying in Brussels. Do you see any risk?


Critics argue that Europe’s approach to U.S. tech companies is driven by protectionism. What is your opinion?


A few months ago the EU Ombudsman opened an inquiry into the EC’s handling of the Google antitrust case. How the investigation is progressing?

Emily O'Reilly was elected as the European Ombudsman in July 2013 and took office on 1 October 2013. She was re-elected in December 2014 for a five year mandate. She is an author and former journalist and broadcaster who became Ireland's first female Ombudsman and Information Commissioner in 2003 and in 2007 she was also appointed Commissioner for Environmental Information.

Photo credit:Matt Foster
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