Posted on 25/Nov/2015
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The Digital Post has met James Windon and Matt Mahan, respectively President and CEO of Brigade, the new much-hyped app for sharing political views. For now, the primary aim of the platform is to boost civic engagement in the US in view of the next presidential elections. Can it become also in Europe a useful tool to bridge the historical gap between the EU and its citizens?


What is the main idea behind Brigade?


What has been the general response so far? How do you think the tool might be of help in the context of the next US presidential elections?


How social and technologies can play a role in enhancing civic engagement?


Internet can be a formidable tool to push political engagement, but also towards undemocratic values, as it is illustrated in Europe by the rise of populism movements, which have been thriving on the use of social networks and media. What do you think?



photo credit: Stuart Boreham
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