Posted on 18/Feb/2015
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Alessandra Poggiani, the director general of the Agency for Digital Italy (Agid), tells The Digital Post how the government is working towards the objectives of the Digital Agenda for Europe. “Embracing the digital economy is not only a question of growth and new opportunities for Italy. It is also a question of democracy”, says Ms Poggiani.



phot credits: Giuseppe Moscato
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  • tomthumb015

    Are you serious? Turn Italy into a digital leader?? I do not think so, this is just a fantasy, a dream. Italy is still pushing around mountains of bureaucratic paper around in its govt departments. How much of govt departments are truly transparent that can Italians get access to information online? Can anyone in Italy tax or register their car online? Apply for a passport, or a drivers licence online.

    Italy is Europe’s most red tape obsessed countries in Europe, definitely NOT digital friendly from my own experience. Italy as a deep rooted culture of jobsworths and 10 people to do 1 persons work in any govt department. I admire the woman’s optimism in the video, but she will hit a big Italian bureaucratic brick wall as soon a she says the word ‘changes’ are needed to the Italian public sector?